How often should I base grind my skis or snowboard?

First of all a good base grind done at your local ski shop is going to help you a lot. You need a proper grind to get the structure or texture onto your bases. After that you can keep your skis and snowboards in good shape with regular waxing and de-burring the edges with a small file.

If you go to the ski shop regularly and want the shop to wax and sharpen your edges you need to ask if the shop will do that without base grinding. Do not base grind every time!

Some shops will only sharpen your edges when you get a base grind. This is good and bad because the base layer is thin plastic. There is only so much of it and when it’s gone you are done. Time for a new ride. Base plastic will only need to be base ground to remove scratches or after a P-tex repair. Too much base grinding is bad. What’s too much? Like every time you take your skis or snowboard to the shop is too much!

So, If you want your edges sharpened, and hot wax done by your ski shop ask them specifically if they will sharpen the edges without base grinding. Many shops will do this. It will make your skis and snowboards last a lot longer. Too much base grinding is bad it shortens the life of your skis and snowboards. Ultimately you should only base grind if you need it.

I have kept my bases in good shape with regular waxing. I light hand sharpen the edges when they need it and I only base grind as a last resort. It extends the usable life of your equipment.

It all depends on how often you ski or ride and how often you tune your equipment. If you only ski or ride 10 days a year on vacation vs 75 days a year at your local resort their will be a difference. But if you base grind your equipment every time you take them to the ski shop your equipment will not last as long.

You payed a lot for your skis and snowboards make them last a long time don’t just grind their life away.

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