How long should it take to wax my skis or snowboard?

First it’s all about set up. If you have a waxing kit / tool box put to together and you have several different temperature specific waxes and a drop cloth you are one third done before you started. It really helps to keep all of the waxing tools in one place. That way you’re not running around chasing after the tools you’ll need. Not exactly sure what you’ll need in your waxing kit find out (here).

Next, there are just eight basic steps to wax your skis and snowboard bases. We cover the steps (here). A work bench in a garage is a perfect place to set up. But; if you don’t have one or if you are in an apartment or condo a large table and a nice drop cloth works as well. With practice it gets faster each time. By the third or forth time it will be quick.

Last step is the dreaded clean up. Clean up can be a breeze with a drop cloth to catch all the wax drips and shavings. Just fold it in on it self dirty side to dirty side. Static electricity will tend to make wax shavings stick to one side. Take it out to the trash and shake it out. Fold it up for next time and stow it with your wax kit. Done and done.

Find out more about ski and snowboard wax and waxing tools on our Frequently Asked Questions Page.

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