How do I clean the base of my skis and snowboards before I hot wax?

First, the simple way to clean your bases before hot waxing is with a soft damp towel or rag. The idea is to get any light dust or dirt off the bases before you wax.

If there is dirt ground into the base structure use a brass hand brush with long strokes from tip to tip and then a damp towel or rag.

If dust or dirt is not the problem it’s the wax that you did not like or you just want it off. Melt some cleaner wax on the bases and scrape it off while it is still warm. This will clean the bases and make them ready to receive new temperature specific wax.

If you really want to clean all dust, dirt, and old wax off the bases we suggest a mild citrus based cleaner. This is a drastic step and we only suggest it as a last resort. It will clean them. Usually step one, a damp towel or rag will work best.

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