Will cheap wax even work on skis and snowboards?

Will cheap wax even work on skis and snowboards?

Any wax is better than no wax at all. No wax at all will actually end up damaging your skis and snowboards. Your skis and snowboards need wax to glide well. Protect your bases and you will get more life out of your equipment.

Why is it that some waxes are super cheep and other waxes are crazy expensive per gram? The fact is that they really are different.

Expensive ski and snowboard wax is made by a lot of big companies in the snow sports market. It is made with the highest quality wax and selected additives to increase performance. Large wax companies spend a lot of money developing race waxes. Racers win races timed to the hundredth of a second. So race wax is really important.

Would you need to use race wax on vacation? Probably not. But that doesn’t mean you have to use the cheapest wax you can find either.

If you are buying your wax based on the price per bar you are missing the point. You should be focusing on performance because that’s what you’re buying.

Many companies sell inexpensive waxes made for recreational skiers and snowboarders. Wax made in large batches with lower quality wax blended with fillers to increase the volume of wax and make more individual bars. It does not have to be super high quality race wax to go weekend skiing or riding. Here it’s the price that sells wax.

Then it is sold at a price to undercut other quality waxes on the market. It seams that the seller is more interested in the number of units sold versus the quality of the product. It’s just a tactic used to gain market share. These waxes may be fine for many skiers and snowboarders. It will most likely work ok for you. But you get what you pay for. Do you want just fine or do you want what is the best you can get? There are a large range of prices for wax manufactured by big companies that are used by recreational skiers and snowboarders.

Smaller wax shops can only complete with the big companies on the quality of materials used. They can’t compete with the economy of scale like the giant qualities of materials used by the big companies. Like buying a railroad car full of five different kinds of wax. They can’t compete with million dollar advertising campaigns. Like a full color full page add in every ski and snowboard magazine out there every month.

Because smaller shops can only complete by using high quality materials. You win. With their attention to detail focusing on quality and performance. They have to be far above average for recreational skiers and snowboarders or they would be out of business.

It’s not about the price. But the price is competitive. Performance is what you’re buying.
Give us a try and we know you’ll will choose us for higher performance from now on.

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