What kinds of wax does Quickiewax sell?

Quickiewax sells blends of hydrocarbonated wax for skis and snowboards in 145g temperature specific bars.

Warm Temperature wax (pink)

All Temperature wax (purple)

Cold Temperature wax (green)

Storage / Cleaner wax (White)

If you wax your skis or snowboard every seven days that you are on the snow a single temperature bar should last you four to six weeks skiing everyday. A lot longer if you blend bars to adjust for current conditions. Like that huge power dump right be for you go riding tomorrow!

We suggest waxing after skiing on the snow for 4 days. Do you ski 2 hours a day or 7 hours? Results will vary depending on how often you are skiing or riding. In order to make it simple we say wax your ride on every 5th day. Following this routine by the time you have waxed 4 times you will see it easily last much longer than 4 days.

Find out more about ski and snowboard wax and waxing tools on ourĀ Frequently Asked Questions Page.

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